What touches the heart more than music? We compose music with the heartbeat of your child.

The heartbeat of an unborn child is like music to the parents and family. It is the rhythm of life. For you and your loved ones, Heartbeat Music composes a song that will be as individual as your child. This piece of music will accompany you baby throughout its entire life, reminding of how it all began.


Each song is unique

To get a unique song you just need to tell us about your musical preferences or you can send us a recording of your own melody that is always on your mind. Just whistle or hum a tune into your phone and send it to us. There is no limit to your creativity. The recording doesn’t need to be perfect. It is sufficient as long as we get an idea about your expectations. Professional musicians will record your song according to your preferences. They can also do this without any melody recordings from you if that is easier for you.

A cover version of your favourite song

Choose your favourite song as the basis of our composition. Nothing creates better pictures of your loved ones than music. Just send us an audio file of the heartbeats after the order and let us know which song we may record for you in a new way. You decide if you prefer an acoustic duo, a band version or even a whole orchestra. We will take care of everything else.

Song of the month


Each month we prepare a seasonal song. This may be a Christmas tune or a known children’s song. Of course, we adapt it to your baby’s heartbeats. You can choose one of the songs we prepared for you.


There is music inside


 As soon as the song is ready, that takes around 10 days, we will send it to you on a USB stick in an exquisite and stylish gift box.