Normally, you can hear your baby's heartbeat when you are 12 weeks pregnant. Depending on your baby's development you may be able to hear the heartbeat as early as 10 weeks pregnant or maybe not before you are 14 weeks pregnant. The heartbeat of your baby will definitely be like music for your ears. 

This is how it works

There are different possibilities to record the heartbeat of your baby. We recommend to record the heartbeat during a cardiotocography (CTG). You can achieve the best results with such a recording. You or your partner can use a smartphone to record or film during a CTG of your baby. Usually CTG screenings are free of charge for pregnant women.

Another possibility to record baby's heartbeat is to use a doppler-ultrasound device such as the "Angelsound JPF-100-Set". You can use this device and your smartphone or your laptop to record the heartbeat. If you have any problems recording the heartbeat, we are happy to help you. Just send us an email.


Not recommendable

There are some applications for your smartphone to record the heartbeat of your baby. Normally they are quiet cheap but the quality of the sound files produced with these applications is often not high enough to integrate them in a song.


We check this for you

If you are not sure if the recording has a high enough quality, just get in touch with us and we will listen to the recording and let you know if we can create a personal song for you with the heartbeat that you recorded. This is free of charge and you can do this before ordering your Heartbeat song.

You can send us a sound file or a video. If the file is to big and you cannot send it via email to us, you can also use file sharing providers such as


If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.